PFA members make a substantial contribution to global food security

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11 July 2021
• Toe PFA-members fish only lor human consumption;
• PFA members provide on average 6 million fish meals per day;
• 5.5 million of this fish meals is sent to markets outside Europe, especially those with a low
average income such as Ghana, Egypt and Nigeria;
• Toat is 2.5 billion fish meals in a year;
• Pelagic fish is high quality, healthy and affordable fish;
• Pelagic fish contains a lot of proteins with high level omega 3 tany acids;
• Pelagic fish is because of the large amount of vitamins and minerals essential tor a good
human health;
• Pelagic fisheries by PFA is done in a sustainable way – Catch with Care;
• Pelagic fish such as herring have the lowest CO’ footprint compared to any other animal
• PFA is well-advanced in the self-sampling of its fisheries. The collected data are inserted in
stock assessment of pelagic stocks;
• PFA works closely with marine research institutes and NGO’s;

PFA contributes to achieve global food security:

Illustratie PFA 11-7-21